Get Your Heirlooms And Long Lost Treasures Valued For Free

For many years, the Alexandra Palace Antiques & Collectors Fair has attracted visitors from across the world, from specialist collectors, experts and scholars, to people who just like things!

In 2007 a free valuation service was introduced to the fair – the ‘Antique Roadshow’ (not related to the excellent BBC TV program, the Antiques Roadshow) – which continues to be a popular feature at the event.

Visitors can bring their own items into the fair and have it appraised by an expert auctioneer, who brings years of experience, independence and unbiased views.  People are not expected to try and sell their products (indeed, they are not allowed to approach stall holders to try to sell) but may get the opportunity to use the services of an auction house.

Alexandra Palace has been proud to have TV antiques expert James Lewis of Bamfords Auctions as our expert valuer since 2009.

James Lewis

James is CEO of Bamfords Auctions and  is a regular face and voice on television and radio; he is without doubt one of the most recognised faces in the international antiques world.

James has a great knowledge and expertise in fine furniture, sculpture and interiors and heads the Bamfords team.  He is in charge of the single owner Country Home and Estate Auctions.  He has advised the British Government and helped formulate legislation involving antiques. He has also advised on the history of objects contained at 10 Downing Street.

He is one the leading auctioneers in the UK, has been a winner of UK Auctioneer of the Year and holds a Guinness World Record in auctioneering.

Getting Your Items Appraised

Any visitor to the fair can get their items appraised.

The Valuation Office is situated at the back of the Great Hall, under the magnificent Organ.

Open between 10.00am – 3.00pm (with a lunch break at circa 1.00pm), visitors can join the queue by taking a ticket and everyone will be seen in order.

Visitors can have up to a maximum of 3 items appraised and only hand carried items can be brought into the hall.